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The INDUS Group was overjoyed to once again receive a number of awards in 2020:

  • BETEK, MIGUA, OFA and BUSCHJOST, a GSR subsidiary, each received a top innovator award for their successful innovation management, putting them among the TOP 100 most innovative SME companies.
  • OFA’s premium bandage range Dynamics Plus won the German Brand Award.
  • The Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce recognized ASS for its commitment to vocational training.
  • BILSTEIN & SIEKERMANN and REMKO received the award for “Germany’s Best Trainers” from Capital.
  • BETEK Tools Taicang Ltd., BETEK’s Chinese branch, received an award for its outstanding first quarter in 2020 from the Taicang government. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, BETEK was able to generate more than 100% of the previous year’s quarterly sales and was happy to receive prize money.
  • A team of Swiss students researched special optics for MIKROP and achieved third place in the WTT Young Leader Awards market research category.
  • In September, the INDUS website received a gold International Business Award in the financial services category.
  • At the end of the year, INDUS received the LACP Spotlight Award, taking home silver in the digital (web) category.


  • ROLKO, SMA and WEIGAND have stood at their customers’ sides for 30 years.
  • IEF, M+P, OBUK and RAGUSE celebrated their 40th anniversaries in 2020.
  • MEWESTA celebrated 50 years of business in 2020.
  • RÜBSAMEN looked back on its 60 years in the field of metal processing this year.
  • SCHUSTER celebrated its 75th anniversary at the end of the year.
  • Established in 1930, AURORA celebrated its 90th anniversary this year.
  • MIGUA celebrated its 100th anniversary in May and launched an ideas workshop where employees can discuss ideas and develop innovations in a creative atmosphere.


INDUS grew with a first-level acquisition at the end of 2020:

  • Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG (JST), a specialist in integrated control room solutions, joined the INDUS portfolio. JST belongs to the automation/measuring technology/control engineering growth industry defined in the PARKOUR strategy program.

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, INDUS held its first virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on August 13, 2020. Around 200 viewers watched the three-hour event broadcast from a TV studio in Ossendorf, Cologne.


Sustainability remained an important topic at INDUS in 2020:

  • INDUS again achieved “prime” status in the ISS ESG ratings, defending its top position in the international comparison group “financials/multi-sector holdings.”
  • INDUS placed its first ESG-linked promissory note loan in September. The promissory note loan’s interest rate is linked to the sustainability rating INDUS receives from ISS ESG.

You can catch up with our other interesting projects in this area in our separate sustainability magazine, which will be published in the summer.