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The INDUS Group has a global presence with sites in 31 countries around the world. The company pursues various internationalization strategies, such as assisting German customers abroad, establishing direct contact wi th international target customers, and building up a global support and servi ce structure. INDUS supports its por tfolio companies in tapping new markets and establishing international operations.

Locations in 31 countries worldwide
1 Canada 12 Czech Republic 22 Russia
2 USA 13 Poland 23 Morocco
3 Chile 14 Slovakia 24 South Africa
4 Great Britain 15 Serbia 25 United Arab Emirates
5 Netherlands 16 Bosnia and Herzegovina 26 Kazakhstan
7 Austria 17 Finland 27 India
8 Germany 18 Romania 28 Singapore
9 Italy 19 Turkey 29 China
10 Hungary 20 Spain 30 South Korea
11 Denmark 21 France 31 Taiwan

ELTHERM | Burlington (CA)

Based in Burlington, eltherm Canada Inc. has been serving the Canadian and American markets since 2012. The company’s own production site in Calgary makes it possible to manufacture electric heat tracing solutions tailored to the market, and there are plans to expand this to the headquarters in Burlington in the future.


Ten years after establishing its own production site in Serbia, MIKROP opened its new facility for manufacturing micro-optic precision parts in Kać in September 2017.

BETEK | Taicang & SCHÄFER | Shanghai (CN)

BETEK Tools Taicang Ltd. was founded in China in 2015. Since then, the Chinese BETEK subsidiary has been supplying the local market through its own production facility.

In the spirit of “local for local”, SCHÄFER and GEEO have formed a joint venture in Shanghai. The new international site for design models and test gauges in the field of automotive technology supplies Chinese and, primarily, German OEMs.

MIGUA | Dubai (AE)

In order to better serve the Middle East region, MIGUA established a subsidiary in Dubai in 2015. The Dubai team serves customers from the Middle East, North Africa and India.

MIGUA | Dubai (AE)

Um die Region Middle East noch besser bedienen zu können, gründet MIGUA 2015 ein Tochterunternehmen in Dubai. Das Team vor Ort betreut Kunden aus dem Mittleren Osten, Nordafrika und Indien.

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